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If it is time to replace your lamps with HID Xenon, we strongly recommend the HID series of Philips Xenon Vision. This lamp provides an ideal replacement that matches the color temperature of the bulb without change and provides maximum quality and safety.

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Τύπος ΛάμπαςD4R
Εφαρμογή σεΑυτοκίνητα
Διάρκεια Ζωήςως και 2500 ώρες

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What does Philips Xenon Vision offer me ?

Philips is the inventor of Xenon HID technology

Xenon HID lamps (High Intensity Discharge) offer double illumination for safer driving under all conditions. In fact, the bright white light produced by the Xenon HID lamps is comparable to daylight. Studies have shown that xenon car lighting helps drivers gather on the road and mark obstacles and signs much faster than traditional light bulbs.


Philips automobile lamps are extremely resistant to ultraviolet radiation

Philips anti-uv coating technology protects the headlights against harmful ultraviolet radiation, making quartz glass with a Philips UV coating ideal for all driving conditions and ensuring longevity.

Replace one by one

The new single lamp replacement technology allows one-to-one replacement while at the same time it fits the color temperature of the lamp without changing it. So the Xenon Vision is the perfect solution for replacing a lamp.

Philips light bulbs are made of high quality quartz glass

Philips light bulbs are made of high quality quartz UV glass, which is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures and vibrations, eliminating the risk of explosion. Philips headlamps can withstand severe thermal shock. With the possibility of increased pressure inside the lamp, UV quartz glass can produce a more powerful light.

Philips automobile bulbs are extremely moisture resistant

Only a quartz glass filament lamp (2650 ° C, 800 ° C glass) can resist thermal disturbances: if a drop of cold water touches the heated bulb, something that can happen when driving and dropping water to a broken headlamp unit.


ECE Quality Assurance

Built from high quality products and tested to the highest standards, products are designed to maximize the safety and comfort of customer driving experience. Our entire range of products is fully controlled and certified (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QSO 9000) according to the highest requirements of the AIF. In simple terms, this is the quality that you can trust.