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Philips White Vision lamps add a bright white Xenon style to your car's lights giving you a unique driving experience at night. The extra brightness with 40% brighter light makes White Vision the perfect combination of safety and style.

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Τύπος ΛάμπαςH7
Εφαρμογή σεΑυτοκίνητα
Διάρκεια Ζωήςως και 450 ώρες

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What do the Philips White Vision lamps offer?

Top driving experience with bright white Xenon light

Philips White Vision headlamps are the right choice for drivers who want to drive in style without jeopardizing their safety. With a high color temperature and an elegant white lid, White Vision is the complete upgrade of your headlamps. Philips' 3rd generation coating technology makes the White Vision the first light bulb with truly white light.

White light beam

With the 4300 Kelvin and a bright white light, the Philips White Vision headlamps illuminate the road ahead in front of you with a white beam that eliminates the darkness immediately for a top driving experience.

White Xenon color for high level

With two w5w spotlights matching the color, White Vision gives your car a premium finish for high-performance cars.


60% more visibility for greater clarity

 Improved by 60% m allows you to see other cars more accurately.

Greater contrast for better visibility and safer driving

The maximum white light with a color temperature of 3700 Kelvin means that the headlights give you better reflections than road signs. The white light keeps you alert during the night so you can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

Long service life

The Phiilips White Vision (available on H1, H3, H4, H7, HB3) are designed to last. They offer you a long and reliable 450-hour life. This results in fewer replacements.

Philips car lamps are extremely durable

Philips UV-Quartz glass automotive lamps allow more pressure inside the lamp to produce more powerful light and extended service life.

100% bright white light and 100% legitimacy

The White Vision series is certified with ECE and has the first white light for the road.