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Philips WhiteVision lamps add an intense white Xenon look to your car headlights for a premium driving experience. The increased brightness with significantly whiter light makes them the perfect combination of style and safety.

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Τύπος ΛάμπαςH4
Διάρκεια Ζωήςως και 450 ώρες

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If you upgrade your standard bulbs to the Philips WhiteVision H4, you'll benefit from a combination of both style and safety.

A colour temperature of up to 4300K and Philips' patented 3rd generation coating technology make the WhiteVision series the first road legal intense white light, giving you the benefits of both style and safety. White light is closest to daylight on the spectrum, and so the whiter the beam produced from your headlights, the more awake you will feel when driving.

The white light produced by the WhiteVision bulbs also helps to illuminate the road ahead with greater contrast and better reflections, which helps to improve your visibility on the road for safer driving. Plus, 60% more light on the road and a longer beam pattern than standard also lights up the road ahead to give you more time to react to potential hazards.

Features and benefits:

  • Sidelight bulbs
  • Blue coated light
  • Fully road legal
  • UV friendly
  • Improved vehicle styling
  • Philips European quality



Philips WhiteVision headlights (available in H1, H3, H4, H7, T4W and W5W) are designed to last. They offer you a long and reliable lifetime of 450 hours*. That's significantly higher than competitive offerings. This results in fewer replacements and more value for money. (H4 and H7 tested at 13.2V standard voltage)